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The freedom to reset your router

We believe that the ability to hard reset your router is a basic right of every human with an internet connectivity problem. Wink.

Searching for and through User Guides is not always “fun and games” – some guides contain incorrect info, others don’t even exist anymore. We often face situations where we need info about the reset process AND the default settings of a certain misbehaving router. It turns out we are not the only ones.

The beginning – Net@Home

This blog continues our work on the good old Net@Home blog which contained some interesting news, how-to articles, quick tutorials and a couple of How to hard reset this router articles that became pretty popular over the time.

Obviously, people need such information on regular bases. We think both specialists and non-specialists can benefit from having a single reference page to quickly check how to reset a router. That is how we decided to start this website and gather as much info as we can.

It all happens manually

We spot a router, go through its specs and manual, and choose the pictures. We do our best to spot any incorrect information in the user guides and provide the correct one instead.

Contact us

Feel free to drop us a line at contact at webbamboo.net in case you have any questions or inquiries. We always enjoy chatting with great people.

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