How to hard reset a D-Link router to the default settings

If you’ve forgotten your D-Link router’s username/password or if someone has changed them without telling you, you can always reset your router to it’s default username and password. Keep in mind that this process will change all of your settings back to the defaults, so it is a good idea to keep a backup of your router’s configuration if you have a more complicated set-up.

The Hard Reset Process

For most of the D-Link routers the resetting process goes like this:

1. Power ON the router. Unplug all of the cables, except the power cord.

2. Locate the reset button
Usually, the reset button is a small ‘pin hole’  that you can find on the rear panel of the router. It might be red, or marked with a red/white/gray circle.

3. Take e thin/sharp object, such as a paper clip. Put it into the reset hole. Now press and hold for 10 seconds. Release.

4. The reboot process begins and it takes about 30-60 seconds.

D-Link Default Settings

Once your router has been reset, it goes back to it’s factory defaults.

1. Username: admin

2. Password: There is no password – leave the field blank

3. IP address:


There are some models for which the reset process is a bit different. For example, when the reset hole is a bit harder to find or the ‘press and hold’ duration is different than 10 seconds. Here are some such examples, we’ve come across:

D-Link DIR-865L – the reset hole is located on the side of the router and it only takes 6 seconds to reboot it, not 10 as usual.

D-Link DIR-665 – there are 2 different values for the ‘press and hold’ duration in the manual of the router. One is 5 seconds, the other one is 10 seconds. Try to find out.

D-Link DI-804HV – the ‘press and hold’ duration for this one is only 5 seconds. As the manual says – ‘don’t hold for too long’.

D-Link DIR-457 – this is a small portable router. The reset button is ‘on the inside’ so you will need to open the back cover to find it. The ‘press and hold’ duration is 5 seconds.

D-Link DHP-1565 – another one with ‘press and hold’ duration of only 5 seconds.

D-Link DGL-4300 – there seem to be some problems with the reset process with this one. We read about it and seems the best way to go is to hold the reset button until all of the LEDs on the front panel blink at the same time.

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